What is Tint, Lash and Curl?
We will tint your lashes top and bottom, lift lashes from the root. Lashes are curled and lifted to give the entire look more volume and length to enhance.

Does It hurt?
No, very gentle to the eyelashes.

Do you use perm rods?
No, silicone shields to gently lift and straighten the lashes. Gentle on your lashes and more comfortable.

I have Alopecia:
Not suitable. Lashes are fine and weak.

I Have Glaucoma:

What about Cataracts?
Yes, lashes can be done.

I have Conjunctivitis:
Not suitable. Can not be done for 28 days post.

Dry eye syndrome:
Not suitable.

Client can be allergic to product(s).  Trichotillomania:
Not suitable. Client may start picking at their lashes. This can damage the blood supply causing natural lashes to weaken.

Do I wear make-up to my procedure?
No. Clean eyes. No eye make-up.

When can I wear eye make-up?
24 Hours.

How long is a treatment?
Treatment is 45 minutes.

Do I need a touch up visit?
Yes. If you love the service you will need touch ups every 6-8 weeks.

Eyelash tint, lengthening and curl is a technique with the use of a silicone shield.
Silicone shields take the shape of your eyelid to fit the curve of your lashes. Your eyelashes are then worked on the shield of silicone to give them a longer effect, denser and curved. Your eyes are subliminated as if you had applied mascara.

This fabulous technique that is completely natural will add length, volume, curl and lift to your natural lashes without lash extensions.

A completely natural, low maintenance treatment. A revolutionary alternative to lash extension. Treatments are relaxing and gentle. Length and volume for your lashes the natural way. Curled lashes are one of the quickest ways to brighten and lift up your entire face. It's one of the essential treatments which give that stunning wide-eyed look to your natural lash. You will appear more alert and wide awake without using eyelash curlers and mascara every morning. You will love Tint, Lash, Curl.